Custom soaps

If you would like a custom soap created just for you or as a gift, I would be happy to help you.  

Charmed Soaps-

approximately 4.5 ounces

Now available on Etsy!  

Made from scratch with medicinal and magical herbs, essential oils, fragrance oils, natural mica colorants, oils and caustic soda. 

Heart's Heal- Orange scented; to heal a broken heart of any kind. 

Love- Apple scented; to attract more love to your life.  

Lust- Amber & Vanilla scented; to spice up your relationship.

Peace- Lavender scented; to bring you peace and serenity.

Purify- Pine scented; to wash away your bad thoughts and emotions and start a new day. 

Soothe- Mint scented; to soothe your skin and your troubles.

Strength- Black Tea scented; to give you strength in your endeavors.

Success- Clover scented, to bring you success.

Vision- Lavender scented; to help you focus on your goal.

Wisdom- Clove scented; to bring you insight. 

Wish- Apricot Freesia scented; to help you attain a positive and true need.

Many more are available. 


Happiness. Love. Magic. 

Wicked Good Witch of Metrowest