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Happiness. Love. Magic. 

The Karmic Cat Coloring Book- available on Etsy (click here to go to the listing), at Holiday Farm, or email me to order a book, payable through Paypal or mailed check. 

In home soap and lotion making lessons- Learn how to make luxurious soaps, lotions and lip balms in your own kitchen.  Workshop fees start at $50 for up to 4 people.  Send me an email for more information. 


What's new?

Magic is everywhere in nature. Magic is a perception, or a belief. It is the power of positive thinking. If you believe in something enough (which is different from wishing for something), it will happen.  Maybe not in the way you expected, but you will get results.  You get back as much as you give to your belief in something positive.   

Is Magic for REAL?


The magic of herbs in organic products.


 Inspiring illustrations, fine art, and custom work to bring magic into your life.

About me

How I ended up being a wicked good witch and what I do.