Custom soaps

If you would like a custom soap created just for you or as a gift, I would be happy to help you.  

My All Natural Lotions are

Now available on Etsy!  

Made from scratch with medicinal and magical herbs, essential oils,

fragrance oils, natural mica natural emulsifiers and vitamin E. 

Luxurious Lotions- A hand and body lotion made with almond oil, in various fragrances. Light, absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and moisturized.​   

Skin Restorative- This cream was developed for cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Made with Avocado and Olive oils, it also contains organic herbs and aloe juice that help damaged skin rejuvenate.  It also is great for sun-burned skin. 

Foot Smoothie- A deeply moisturizing cream with Peppermint, Aloe and herbs to soften callused and cracked feet.  It is also wonderful for overworked hands.

Rheumatism Liniment- A rosemary and anise lotion to help relieve joint aches. 

Tick Repellent Lotion- Applied to the wrists and ankles, this herb and Neem Oil infused lotion helps keep ticks at bay.  


Happiness. Love. Magic. 

Wicked Good Witch of Metrowest